In April 2008 we played an evening concert in Crickhowell. As well as our own repertoire we presented some tunes which we had worked on with a group of around 25 students from two local secondary schools. The students were all string players between 11 and 16 years old and there was a huge variety of experience and technical ability.

After playing to the students and a warm up led by Clare, Eléonore taught everyone a Swedish polska in two parts. For the beginners we devised simpler parts based on the main tune. As the nyckelharpa plays in the same range as a viola the tune transferred naturally to the cello and viola making it easy for everyone to learn. We were then able to experiment with different combinations of instruments. The group worked well and were very focussed and within an hour and a half we had all learnt the tune thoroughly.

After a short break we split the group into 3 smaller groups and taught the students Metope, a tune written by Anne. We came together at the end to put the piece together to the satisfaction of everyone there. In Metope there was an opportunity for some of the students to play solos and we were stunned by the students' feel for the music. It was wonderful to be asked later by one of them, how he might be able to lay his hands on a hardanger fiddle.

All the music in the workshop was taught by ear.